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Commissions: Open!

I'd like to go over the rules first as if you disagree with any of them, do not commission me! I will refund payments if I am unable to honour your commission, but it would just save everyone time if we all knew the deal up front!

Rules are subject to change as time goes on. I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I am not comfortable!

The Dos:

1. Cartoon violence!
Cartoon violence is ok as long as it is not targeted hatred.

2. Artistic nudity is welcome!
Is your character a nudist? Great! I'll draw them for you. Want to hint at a sexual or intimate moment? Also ok, but I won't draw details! I will also creatively hide things where necessary.

3. Animals!
I LOVE drawing animals. Be aware that there may be longer wait times for these as I'll need to do research into how to draw your specific animal.

4. Original Characters!
I would love to draw your original characters - human or otherwise. Be aware that you'll have to be exceptionally detailed in your description of the character else there may be inaccuracies. As with most drawing of other peoples' characters, I cannot ensure it is PERFECTLY accurate, but if you are dissatisfied with anything I missed, you need only say so and I will correct it.

5. Fanart
I will draw fanart if you absolutely want me to, but due to copyright issues, I may not always accept these requests or commissions.

The Don'ts:

1. No pornography!
I will do artistic nudity, intimacy, and sexual hinting but that will be approved on a case by case basis. Blatant pornography, however, will never be accepted.

2. No fetish art!
This includes any fetish, whether pornographic or not. I will not imply bestiality in any way shape or form, no fat fetishes, no foot fetishes, nothing!

3. No animal cruelty or violence!
Unless you're trying to make a statement for a good cause (depicting animal cruelty as a shock factor to protest greyhound racing or similar), I will not do it!

4. No hate crime, sexual violence, racial discrimination, or just general hatred of any kind.
I will not create art for racially charged movements, I will not condone acts of hatred or of sexual violence. Please do not make these requests, as they make me seriously question your stability.

Same as the rules, these are subject to change. These are only guideline prices, depending on the complexity of your commission, I may quote you differently. All of these can be done either traditionally or digitally, you must specify which you'd prefer! Traditional methods will be slightly more in order to cover the cost of materials.


Simple Sketch - $5/£3

Flat Coloured Drawing - $12/£10

Cel-Shaded Drawing - $15/£12

Full Colour Drawing - $20/£18

Full Colour with Background - $35/£26


Simple Sketch - $15/£12

Flat Coloured Drawing - $25/£20

Full Colour Drawing - $40/£32

Multiple Characters:

Simple Sketch - Starting $15/£12 for the first 2 characters. $5/£3 for each additional character after 2

Flat Coloured Drawing - $25/£20 for the first 2 characters. $8/£5 for each additional character after 2

Full Colour Drawing - $40/£32 for the first 2 characters. $10/£8 for each additional character after 2

Full Colour Drawing with Background - $50/£42 for the first 2 characters. $12/£10 for each additional character after 2

For now, these prices apply only to full body shots of the characters. If you just want a bust or head shot or closeup, I will quote you separately. I will add examples of each of these once I get a bit more organised.

Lets talk timeframe! I try to do most of my drawings within a day or 2. This will almost definitely vary depending on what you're asking for. I will aim to do most standard commissions (assume these are defined by exactly what's outlined in the prices above) within a week. You can feel free to check on the progress of your commission, but do not badger me to get it done by a certain time. If you absolutely do need something with a strict deadline, we will arrange this during quoting. For speedier jobs, there will be a rush charge, and you will be REQUIRED to check in with me on a daily basis to ensure we are moving at the right pace and to keep communication open.

How do you pay?/What's the refund policy?/What's included in your order?

I accept payment up front only! I accept PayPal. I have 2 different PayPal accounts depending on which currency you'd like to use, so please state if you'll be paying in USD or GBP. Obviously, PayPal will be able to exchange any other currencies for you, but for the sake of convenience, I have these 2 options. Due to Brexit, most other currencies will be given my USD account as the exchange rate to the dollar has a much better chance of being more favourable for both of us.

For refunds, this will vary on a case by case basis.
  • If you commission me and make a request that is against the rules, and you're unable to compromise on a different idea, you will be given a full refund and I will not do the commission.
  • If you commission me and I start on the job and you have buyer's remorse, you will be given a partial refund, depending on how much work I had already put into it. I will stop all work on the commission and it will not be completed. You will be given proof of how much was attempted, but you will not be given files.
  • If you commission me, tell me your idea and I start work, then you change your idea, you may incur extra charges to have the work adjusted, but I will work with you to resolve this.
  • If you commission me and set a deadline without paying a rush charge, you will not receive a refund, and the work will be completed on a normal timescale.
  • If you commission me and pay a rush charge and some outside influence prevents me from completing it on time, you will be given a full refund.
  • If you commission me and pay a rush charge and do not keep communication lines open and through that I am unable to complete your commission, you will not be refunded.

Included in your order will be a full resolution copy of your commission. I can also include the original PSD or SAI file at a small extra charge so you can make your own edits and changes (this does NOT give you rights to my artwork, you will still have to credit me). You will also receive a voucher for future commissions, because I want you back! That voucher is not transferable, but you are welcome to use it yourself to commission a gift for a friend. If your commission is traditional, I will ship the original piece of artwork to you. Shipping costs will vary depending on where I need to ship to and the amount of protection the piece will need.

What about longevity? The world changes, inflation happens, artwork adapts, culture is a thing... My point is, I continue to build my skills and improve. So 2 years down the line when that commission you asked me to do is old and looks like crap compared to my newer stuff, you can request a re-commission at a SEVERELY discounted rate - I'm talking like... 80% off here. But there has to be a noticeable difference between your commission and my new style and of course, the amount of time is at my discretion. If you try a revamped style re-commission in 2 months, I'm afraid that's not going to fly.

Phew! If you're still with me, thanks so much for hanging out with me! This journal will be featured so it's always accessible and things will always be revised. I will add and remove things and prices will change as I see fit to compensate for general life things.

I look forward to working with you!

Much love,

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